Snake’s Head

Many a doctrine and philosophy suggests crushing the head of the serpent with your heel. In this case, it refers to beating the r-complex (of P. D. MacLean’s Triune Brain) or reptilian brain, by using the Neocortex and meditation. Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to adapt to new tasks and as such, your brain will adapt to the wholesome state of a balanced mind, and train in avoiding regressing or descending to the lower states, if you follow a given set of techniques, carefully, and under guidance this habit is broken and a brief opportunity to take a second look from another perspective is offered. One not driven by gain for yourself.

The neocortex is the higher functioning brain. Not the scared r-complex or aggressive limbic brain.



If you use a prism of like and dislike on people, you reduce your consciousness to that of a reptile. At a certain age, you crawled on your belly and lived with a like/dislike food prism for survival. Like a lizard. But this was acquired a long time ago in our evolution as survival need, so to reduce oneself to this takes you back through evolution millions of years.

Eternal Now

I’ve been considering cause and effect. They seem to be a human construct, although constructed because the universe ‘seems’ that way. The so-called ‘Big-bang’ happened “in the past” and we are in the future, when in fact this is the continuation of that event as a whole, one thing happening eternally now.

Our minds work in subject-object pairs, and our scales of measure are between two extremes, even mode of showing affection (like/dislike) and even religious doctrines highlight this dual paradigm, such as Yin-yang, good and evil and so on.

But consciousness seems to contain trinities. The physical parts comprise:

  • Fight-or-flight survival faculties (r-complex, decisions without emotion)
  • Limbic brain (Socializing and emotions)
  • Neocortex (Higher functioning brain)

But it’s all one object.

Consciousness seems to contain:

  • Awake
  • Sleep
  • Meditative

But all in and experienced by one thing.

The Aum symbol is a representation of this trinity within one thing and this is also found in Christian trinity representations. The real you, i.e. consciousness is one thing, observing the various faculties which project the image of ourselves, which we then stitch together as one continuous personality, but reduced to a thought system of a reptile in most of the decisions we make about others. Like or dislike. Love or hate.

The real you experiences the eternal now, one thing, and not future and past which are merely further human ego constructs. Suffering is found due to the ego being created and suspended between the two points of wanting better in the future, and avoiding the state of lacking in the past, which appears to be just a framework of ideas based around a thought system of extreme opposites.

Suffering exists because we refuse to review our lives and weep at what we have become, process the trauma we have experienced, and been guilty for that which we have caused to others.