I’m always astounded, that the ignorant (not an insult), can’t see that their minds can imagine the universe in all it’s vastness, with all it’s types of laws that might be required to create the various objects found in it if it wills to, but prefers an exclamation, that it demands to be perpetually entertained.

Can you see what we have been divided into?


Knowledge Observation

The knower and the observer of knowledge are not the same. When you perceive something, it is transmitted by the senses into the mind. There it is projected at something. Awareness.

That burning light of awareness is you and me. Not the self we create ourselves and think ourselves into life with. That is two steps away from you.

The Internet is a Dustbin of Extremes

In the mid-nineties, the Internet was beginning to stretch itself to more and more personal computers. At that time, there wasn’t initially a huge uptake by businesses, as they couldn’t yet see the possibilities the technology would provide in the future.

At the point, it was functional, in it’s simplest form, like the human mind.

Currently, it also resembles the average human mind because from 4 year-old to 94 year-old, everyone is using it to a lesser or greater extent. Everyone who is using it has had the opportunity to fill their heads with every imaginable truth and lie which could all be perceived as the truth. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is  dustbin we allow anyone to throw any old crap in-to, and allow everyone to take out from. Why would you do that?

Everyone who uses it beyond a sensible amount is thrown back to the stone-age concerning maturity. Adults seem to be reverting to childish spite.

Thought (Thoth, Djhuty, Djehuty, Tehuty, Tehuti)

Dr. David Bohm suggested that thought created most of the problems we experience. Then further thought tries to solve the previous problems we created, by tackling the symptoms of those thought’s. In ancient Egypt, the god Thoth (Thot) brought farming and tools to man. If this Thot was a mode of consciousness, only describable as a god-like

Other people create all the problems in society as a means of perpetual toil (some create the work for others), then like some kind of odd behavioral fractal, continually treat ever decreasing symptoms rather than the initial problem. Divided by class, landmass, religion, heritage and perhaps even shallower divisions, the varying slight differences are treated with sometimes extreme levels of contempt from the top down.

This dis-ease appears to be the will to join perpetual toil, attempting to heal the symptoms of the previous decades, while all along continuing to make the same mistakes and accepting the finger of blame as a population, rather than observing who is pointing the finger. It is the same people who create the problems.

Problems are created as a means of perpetual toil. The fact it is given negative spin by calling it “a problem” gives those being told the drive to demand ‘a solution’.


If you observe the construction of stems and leaves emerging from the main stem of a plant, you’ll notice layers emerging under previous layers. New fresh material being produced internally, pushing and hardening coarser material towards the external membranes to protect the organism.

And it is so with the mind. The root is the realm itself. Next comes the unconscious mind which seems to be the creative area and therefore problem solving using different models and methods while we think it is thought itself producing the results. This is the next realm where you create the objects.

Then there is the conscious ego-mind, believing itself to be the soul purpose of the organism and the main provider of solutions and ideas, it merely kicks around it what it thinks it knows, while the higher functioning brain passes logical solutions down to this rambling fool in the attic to take and make it’s own.

This last layer is an unnecessary creation and otherwise described as “the fall”.