If you observe the construction of stems and leaves emerging from the main stem of a plant, you’ll notice layers emerging under previous layers. New fresh material being produced internally, pushing and hardening coarser material towards the external membranes to protect the organism.

And it is so with the mind. The root is the realm itself. Next comes the unconscious mind which seems to be the creative area and therefore problem solving using different models and methods while we think it is thought itself producing the results. This is the next realm where you create the objects.

Then there is the conscious ego-mind, believing itself to be the soul purpose of the organism and the main provider of solutions and ideas, it merely kicks around it what it thinks it knows, while the higher functioning brain passes logical solutions down to this rambling fool in the attic to take and make it’s own.

This last layer is an unnecessary creation and otherwise described as “the fall”.


Ours is Divinity

Nothing is ours. Especially not our actions and personalities. Ours is divinity (the absence of things causing division) under these accidentally copied actions and personalities which are the result of a psychological division.

The Unconsciously Feard State of Abandonment

If there is an egotistical drive to be around other people, so that you are given the opportunity prove yourself, then this comes from the unconscious fear drive of being lonely or a failure.

If this is the case then you are addicted to the company of others out of unconscious fear.

Collectivism is a fear-driven needy state of the unconscious, which drives youth and grown-up alike to act as the collective does and adjust it’s morals accordingly downwards.

This is THE worst state to be in.

Reward-based Society

You and I, no doubt, will be used to receiving praise, in various forms, for our achievements and success. That is what we are conditioned for.

Long ago, the Ancient Egyptians believed you had to buy your way into heaven. If the heart was pure, it would weigh the same as a feather. But if it was heavy and soiled by one’s own actions towards others, you could buy your way in. The flaw in this can be seen in the fact the pyramids were plundered before the dead royals could hire the removals guys to pick up their golden gear.

On the contrary, others have since said you can only take with you what will fit through the eye of a needle. I like this view. It implies something detaches and goes through like consciousness.

As such, greed can be manipulated by creating a feeling of inferiority in the population by introducing role-models. A royal family, draped in gold, achieving many good things in public view, or stream of celebrities, dressed up for reward ceremonies will do nicely. Look at what you could have and look like if you just put your back into it!

When minds are conditioned to receive shallow rewards, the reward-based center of the brain becomes overly-emphasized as a response method by allowing other features to slip into a background called the unconscious. The dog-eat-dog society is rooted in this feature.


If you use a prism of like and dislike on people, you reduce your consciousness to that of a reptile. At a certain age, you crawled on your belly and lived with a like/dislike food prism for survival. Like a lizard. But this was acquired a long time ago in our evolution as survival need, so to reduce oneself to this takes you back through evolution millions of years.


How do we end suffering? By forgiving people for being silly enough to assume they have any right or are in any position at all to judge you. They are definitely not!

The flip-side is that you must also lose the judging faculty. The moment you label anyone, you separate them from the rest of humanity, and humanity is you too.

This can only happen when you have a grasp of the inner vocabulary. Shhhh.