Like It

Try this for one day. Go where you would normally join in. It might be social media, pub or anything else you do, and just observe.

Try not to like or dislike anything or anyone. Don’t join in. Just be there without getting dragged in. You can see it best if you go out drinking with friends. I promise you will see how society works. They will try to get you to join in, over and over again. Resist.


Concept Power

A man or woman must demonstrate their might, but from an unseen weakness. If they merely rely on a description of strength and power to themselves and others, when they need inner psychological strength, they will crumble.

As any idea of being more powerful by mere thought is a delusional state, I wouldn’t want to base my frame of mind on a few concepts which can be swung from one extreme to the other, just by the way society decides they should be viewed.

Only a fool accepts an idea of more power if offered it. As our paradigm is capable of viewing life as good or bad, more power eventually leads to a realization of one’s own insignificance.

Above or Below

The problem with viewing oneself at a certain status in society is that those above will make you neurotic and compel you to succeed, and those below you will make you psychotic which is the feeling of superiority (seeing them as less).

Enlightenment is knowing all are the same and that the play called society is pure delusion for those with a projected self-image.

The idea that this divide, using you as the middle-point, is anything other than illusion is a form of hypnosis. Cultural hypnosis, perpetually encouraged by news, sport, politics and entertainment.


The Nine Gates

The personality has integrated interfaces. If I follow the paradigm, I have a wife/partner/sex-life, house, 2 cars, good job, 2.2 kids, money, holidays and so on. As a result, similar aspirations arise within the personality. A better version of all of the above is usually the next step. This need is perpetual. Growth is perpetual and if not, a person slips back in self-esteem. If enough ‘standard’ things are changed, this can be fatal.

We are in fact an open book.