Currently, men do everything considered manly, and try to avoid anything they believe a woman should be doing.

The palette of available things on offer is clearly aimed at this split idea so we only play into its hands, but it also reflects how tied in we are to it.

A man, upon receiving a choice, or needing to exercise so-called free-will, applies the various life philosophies he has picked up over a time of self-study to the situation, allows his own problem solving faculties to come to self-less solutions and executes that idea if the need still arises.

He doesn’t respond to his first instinct to punch or argue with everything which he conflicts with.


This Versus That

Why would anyone follow ‘anything’ promoting a “one-versus-another” philosophy?!

Why would the established system need to encourage it? How can true love exist in a this-versus-that mind. It can’t.

Method Instead of Memory

As children, our minds develop methods and paths to achieve things. The mind analyzes objects and the environment to see how it all fits together.

Now our minds use one method to recover memory and judge so ‘I like this result or not’ forms the basic response to the environment. Thumbs up or thumbs down. Happy or sad.

If this thought system is applied to the self or other people, it is abuse.

Do you think anything which creates a likable or unlikable state is the truth? Do you think knowledge about finding and seeking spirit is meant to make you feel good?

Reading religious philosophies and knowledge is holding you back. Removal of knowledge leads to the desired state.

Sudden Insight

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The black section is where we all think life is found. In the details of experience. The white is where life is found which is repressed, but it doesn’t come from there, it comes from the underlying. Balance or the transcendence of dualism is seeing it as a wholesome, singular thing AND recognizing the significance of the paper upon which the symbol is drawn.

It is that thing.

The Critical Faculty

During my experiences with hypnosis, I noticed how easy it is to trick the critical faculty into a state of submission. Just a few things to take in at once and a certain triggering method are enough to send a mind into a type of lobby mode.

SomeĀ have been through this lobby with the ability to change the environment by their will alone. There are echo’s of this in historical books. The problem is that this is often accidentally perceived as mythology.

I read recently that this other place is ‘as valid’ as your conscious image of this one is, but the unconscious mind is the root of this awake consciousness and therefore is the reality, whereas this material plane is the illusory state. As inverted as this may seem, it is the truth. Monks practice meditation to achieve a lucid dream state. In this state, the task is to view oneself in a true light, but this is all only possible when you let go of wanting to achieve it. To achieve it, you must transcend every want you may have for some time.

The realm alluded to in scriptures of all denominations is realĀ and in your head.

Beyond Good and Evil

As developing people, we are given a simplistic prism to see the world through. Good and Evil. They are the symptoms of a simplistic deciding faculty, over-trained by education in huge numbers of like-minded, inexperienced psychologies who model themselves evermore on entertainment idols and sources of dualism, which are the foundation for conflict in individuals and the world.

This sick prism is dis-ease itself. It makes us love/hate each other and allows the friend/enemy paradigm to exist.


Christ is the saving grace. But without grace, if you attempt Christ-like (perpetually empty mind), you can get the opposite. Without a doctrine of peace to accompany the purging of the unreal self-identity, one can accidentally fall to a darker side. The trick is to dissolve good and evil in yourself rather than trying to be good. Aiming at good allows the good/bad paradigm to persist in the mind.

It is done by withdrawing awareness from the thinking faculties for long enough to still the inner monologue and make it an on-demand tool, rather than a constant stream of self-affirmation. This new mind then allows you to observe yourself and environment without assumptions, without the requirement to grasp at history with the mind and therefore leaving judgment aside entirely.

Being Christ-like is being unattached to other people, thoughts, habits, society and all ego-needs. That is how you make it through him.

Through his actions.