Root Unconscious

If the unconscious is the root of the conscious realm, then the need to be with others comes from that unconscious knowledge that we already are very alone in the unconscious, and that we will return to that state again at some point.

We all fear the inability to prove that we exist or are alive.


The Player and the Observer

If someone played a single note on a trumpet, while you listen to the note, I’m aware of the cause of the note and what is listening.

In essence the ego plays the note, and the observer listens. Even when the player of the note is alone. Undoing some personality changes can reveal the observer again.

Other Place

True religious practice is an evolution over a ‘usually’ 5 to 8 year period. Religion is the carrier of this truth that there is a need to evolve psychologically, to not live by my own ideas of like and dislike, just because everyone else does.

Consciousness emerges in layers from the kernel of pure awareness. As you work back through them with meditation, you pull awareness from the senses, then conceptual thought and so on.

If you combine this with fasting from the world, as the dualism and like/dislike experiences of society, sports, politics and media leave your mindspace, insights take place but only once any will is transcended to want or gain anything from the insight. It only works when you relax the idea that you must be good at it to achieve anything. Knowledge is a curse to the seeker once the method is known.

Initially, the insights lead you to why we are the way we are. Your mind will decide how long you need to understand this. Keep practicing. There is more. Another place inside.