Limbic System

Paul D. MacLean is saying that the Limbic system is the center which applies an over-simplistic dual decision process to a problem or need. It is vastly reducing our abilities. Also, that it adds a little ‘affect’ of it’s own by means of the feelings those events provoke.

Using emotion distorts reality, by means of altering your own perception of the world in your favor or to make up for limited knowledge and still gain self-esteem.

Paul D. MacLean (The Triune Brain)

Inspired by Fractured Faith Blog

Seek and you shall find is true. But where to look? Where else but in the self? Each of our internal experience is a solo experience. That is religion. It was always described as your personal relationship. In there you are alone. Even when around others, the bit that relates to them is given perpetual drive to competition. It is sometimes described as the fool in the attic.

You are awareness, observing your own play and actions, within a projection in your mind. Somehow, the trick concerns making us think we are the actor, rather than the viewer (the awareness) observing it all. There is material-reality (as far as we know, the psychological-reality (our interpretation of it), then the observer of the two.

This elevates the idea of self above the status of another, and kick-starts an almost unseen or often perfectly acceptable internal scale of judgement.

Mathew 6:27 – Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?

The World English Bible translation of this is laughable.
Which of you, by being anxious, can add one moment to his lifespan?

Stature is either meant in conjunction with height, or how you imagine yourself to be or be seen. Nothing to do with lifespan.

It really means your status and place in the scheme of things is in your imagination. That is where your world-view and idea of self it is situated. It is merely a model within which judgement is used to place yourself somewhere in the thought-system of extreme opposites.

The door is in a single mind at peace. Some preconditions must first be met. You need to be clean, inside and out. See that conflict is encouraged through and through in society and it’s sources and interfaces and know that you become what you consume, even or especially psychologically.

There has been a distinct drop in the behavior of the vast majority. As though what should be mature people, seem to have the ability to mix with the immature and as one becomes what one consumes, the mentalities are being merged. This is psychological disease. As such, the more sensitively in tune are going to find themselves more so sensitively stimulated.

That sensitivity is required to boot you in the right direction.

Look at the Essene way without pride or ideas of gain. It is cleansing and leads to the first resurrection, as does any form of abstinence.

Reward-based Society

You and I, no doubt, will be used to receiving praise, in various forms, for our achievements and success. That is what we are conditioned for.

Long ago, the Ancient Egyptians believed you had to buy your way into heaven. If the heart was pure, it would weigh the same as a feather. But if it was heavy and soiled by one’s own actions towards others, you could buy your way in. The flaw in this can be seen in the fact the pyramids were plundered before the dead royals could hire the removals guys to pick up their golden gear.

On the contrary, others have since said you can only take with you what will fit through the eye of a needle. I like this view. It implies something detaches and goes through like consciousness.

As such, greed can be manipulated by creating a feeling of inferiority in the population by introducing role-models. A royal family, draped in gold, achieving many good things in public view, or stream of celebrities, dressed up for reward ceremonies will do nicely. Look at what you could have and look like if you just put your back into it!

When minds are conditioned to receive shallow rewards, the reward-based center of the brain becomes overly-emphasized as a response method by allowing other features to slip into a background called the unconscious. The dog-eat-dog society is rooted in this feature.

Snake’s Head

Many a doctrine and philosophy suggests crushing the head of the serpent with your heel. In this case, it refers to beating the r-complex (of P. D. MacLean’s Triune Brain) or reptilian brain, by using the Neocortex and meditation. Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to adapt to new tasks and as such, your brain will adapt to the wholesome state of a balanced mind, and train in avoiding regressing or descending to the lower states, if you follow a given set of techniques, carefully, and under guidance this habit is broken and a brief opportunity to take a second look from another perspective is offered. One not driven by gain for yourself.

The neocortex is the higher functioning brain. Not the scared r-complex or aggressive limbic brain.

Apply the Trinity

In the self, there must be recognition of three parts. The ability to think. Thought itself and that which listens to thought. Thought itself is an actor. Strings of words, emotional responses and modes of thinking are stored, not ‘made up’ by yourself. Everything has already been said and done, so nothing is unique anymore.

As we go through life, we think and therefore think we are thought itself. We concentrate on those details without recognizing the container they are in or that which we point at it. Awareness.

If this trinity recognizes my own nature and instead of assumptions, fills its thinking realm with peace instead of divisive, dualistic nature, then given time and patience, it can be transcended and experienced as a whole single thing. The undivided self.

Self-esteem must be knocked back entirely through fasting, and the thinking mind made still for long enough to experience the oneness described in scriptures. Knocking at the door is astonishing.

Die Before You Die

Many esoteric sects suggest purging that from ourselves which wants, that which wills, that which desires as a means of becoming aware of an old truth. The idea is to remember, rather than guess as we compulsively, currently do.

So what dies and how does it die before you die?

In esoteric terms, the trinity describes three modes of consciousness. God, Christ and that of man. Man has made his a chalice of knowledge. A chosen knowledge can convince the lower mode that the higher modes do not exist. In fact, the lower mode is fun, cool, gives back good, rich things of entertainment and sensory obsessions. It likes things which oppose other things and has little emotional connection to oneself.

Why would anyone want to truly view themselves when the unconscious contains their so-called demons, which are the triggers for desires in the first place! It is far easier to seek alike positive experiences again and again by steering as we believe at least, the next moments in time by past experiences rather than by reason and level-headed judgment.

If you take action to know yourself truly, you will need a lot of peace in your mind and heart. The result can otherwise be fatal. By withdrawing from society for an extended period, and when practicing mind calming and exploration techniques, you can visit the ego in its realm. In fact, it will eventually either drag you in, or constantly suggest you are not worthy of life. You will run first time. But it will change your life and your idea of death. You’ll know the immortal self.

To call forward that which is only interested in itself, you must fast from the world.