The Internet is a Dustbin

In the mid-nineties, the Internet was beginning to stretch itself to more and more personal computers. At that time, there wasn’t initially a huge uptake by businesses, as they couldn’t yet see the possibilities the technology would provide in the future.

At the point, it was functional, in it’s simplest form, like the human mind.

Currently, it also resembles the average human mind because from 4 year-old to 94 year-old, everyone is using it to a lesser or greater extent. Everyone who is using it has had the opportunity to fill their heads with every imaginable truth and lie which could all be perceived as the truth. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

It isĀ  dustbin we allow anyone to throw any old crap in-to, and allow everyone to take out from. Why would you do that?

Everyone who uses it beyond a sensible amount is thrown back to the stone-age concerning maturity. Adults seem to be reverting to childish spite.


Reward-based Society

You and I, no doubt, will be used to receiving praise, in various forms, for our achievements and success. That is what we are conditioned for.

Long ago, the Ancient Egyptians believed you had to buy your way into heaven. If the heart was pure, it would weigh the same as a feather. But if it was heavy and soiled by one’s own actions towards others, you could buy your way in. The flaw in this can be seen in the fact the pyramids were plundered before the dead royals could hire the removals guys to pick up their golden gear.

On the contrary, others have since said you can only take with you what will fit through the eye of a needle. I like this view. It implies something detaches and goes through like consciousness.

As such, greed can be manipulated by creating a feeling of inferiority in the population by introducing role-models. A royal family, draped in gold, achieving many good things in public view, or stream of celebrities, dressed up for reward ceremonies will do nicely. Look at what you could have and look like if you just put your back into it!

When minds are conditioned to receive shallow rewards, the reward-based center of the brain becomes overly-emphasized as a response method by allowing other features to slip into a background called the unconscious. The dog-eat-dog society is rooted in this feature.

Like It

Try this for one day. Go where you would normally join in. It might be social media, pub or anything else you do, and just observe.

Try not to like or dislike anything or anyone. Don’t join in. Just be there without getting dragged in. You can see it best if you go out drinking with friends. I promise you will see how society works. They will try to get you to join in, over and over again. Resist.


If you use a prism of like and dislike on people, you reduce your consciousness to that of a reptile. At a certain age, you crawled on your belly and lived with a like/dislike food prism for survival. Like a lizard. But this was acquired a long time ago in our evolution as survival need, so to reduce oneself to this takes you back through evolution millions of years.


Loneliness is a symptom of people addiction, initially caused by school. It is a sign that you made up too much of your own identity from your attachment to them. As we exchange with individuals, they offer us a feedback loops of our own character which constantly reaffirm myself as existing and getting the responses I want to reaffirm myself, to myself. If those loops are no longer returning information the ego starts to prompt us to find a way to do that. Once self-esteem diminishes enough, a hole in our personality where the collapsed identity used to be becomes obvious. This loss of identity can produce some strange and self-defeating frames of mind.

Certain religious paths recommend abstaining and this abstinence concerns every aspect and detail of life, especially mixing with other people. Doctrines of peace are taught alongside this abstinence for a reason. They are taught so that you don’t hate anyone else for not trying, or to stop you killing yourself as your identity collapses and character-defining feedback loops diminish.

Why would the established thought-systems want to keep this information from you?


Gnosis is Greek for Knowledge. There are two kinds. Knowledge which has been and is being used to maintain the thought paradigm or what we think or perceive of reality. This is external knowledge but concerns internal perception of the material world. This is therefore a personal perspective. This is not Gnosis.

Gnosis is knowledge which allows an individual to transcend the needs of the material world by removing the ‘knowledge of good and evil’ inherent in themselves and our attitudes today.

These methods are the oldest form of religion, and are reflected in subtle ways in contemporary religions. This is true religion.