Those following their own path are dragged in to the superficial nature of the collective. Again and again, it demands the seeker, who employs techniques to be at rest and at depth, to resurface and take care of trivial needs and demands made on us by other personalities.

The primary of which is banal conversation. The minds of the parts of the collective are wrapped up in what media sources ooze from themselves. Like moths to the flame they gather together and fail to see how that links them, in real-time, to responses which are entirely expected of them, and can be triggered by events. How involved they get is an indicator of how easy they are to sway.

As the minds are ‘maintained’ in this collective state, they sway with each other, therefore a bandwidth of certain responses can be expected from the collectives individual elements. They know they break quite a few eggs while this process continues. More are breaking day-by-day from the trauma caused by being singled out by the chattering, hateful spider-monkeys called society.


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